“Life could be a dream…” “…a fabulously fun two acts of music that brought the audience to its feet…”
- Damien Jaques of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Remember the good ole' Dayz?
Drive-ins and Sock Hops?
Greasers and Hot rods?

Well drift back to those simpler times of yesteryear with a sensational group of fun guys as they perform your favorite hits from the 50's and 60's in glorious 4-part harmony!


Spend some quality time with these guys as they make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry as they transport you on a magical journey into the past singing such hits as "Teenager in Love", "Blue Moon", "At the Hop" and "Why do Fools Fall In Love". The songs are all timeless classics and the show is a sure fire crowd pleaser. So sit back, relax and let The 4 Guyz take you home again.


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The 4 Guyz are always available for hire for your next private party or group function! We can do shows from 30 minutes to a full 2 hour show. All requests are welcomed.

Just contact us for more information.

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